Forex Trading Secrets of the Pros With Amazon’s AWS

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Freely run your MT4 EAs and robots & backtest limitlessly lightning fast. Get your 20 FREE servers while you still can.

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What you’ll learn
  • Get 20 FREE Amazon AWS servers for 1 full year
  • Confidently setup 20 servers easily and quickly
  • Making mistakes with AWS servers is no problem, simple fixes in seconds.
  • Learn about the dangers of competing traders; VPS services stack hundreds of accounts onto one single computer
  • Learn how to maintain privacy and security of your trades from your broker
  • Learn how to use the same server configurations and setups of professional traders that allows you to trade with confidence knowing your hardware is backed by Amazon.
  • Learn how to create alerts that lets you know when something goes wrong, so you can still have a life while trading. (Lets you leave the house!)
  • Have full control over your servers through your mobile phone
  • Learn how to discover and test EA’s and re-optimize them every week
  • Be able to backtest MT4 EAs in 1/20th of the time
  • Learn how to tap into limitless backtesting power
  • Learn about the dangers of latency (Internet delays)
  • Get a checklist of questions to ask your broker for the fastest server locations so you can get better trading results.
  • Be able to access all the powerful features of Amazon’s AWS Servers
  • Learn the easy way to do server backups
  • Learn how to keep your servers performing at its best
  • Learn how to backtest your strategies in a fraction of the time
  • Learn how to manage your 20 servers
  • Understand why it’s important to not rely on home Internet connection to trade
  • Learn how to backtest utilizing all 20 servers at once
  • Keep an ever growing resource for anything you want to do with Amazon’s AWS
  • Discover eye-opening trades that you didn’t know existed
  • Transform your way of thinking about trading: exploration of possibilities
  • Shamelessly exploit Amazon’s AWS servers for free
  • FREE BONUS: Ready-To-Go (R2G) Servers; Pre-configured and pre-installed software

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