DESIGN RULES: Principles + Practices for Great UI Design

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Learn to design powerful user interfaces for apps, sites and systems

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What you’ll learn
Be able to create useful, usable and visually compelling UI design for any kind of app, site or system.
Understand how to properly balance form and function
Understand the critical rules for designing on small screens and mobile devices
Know how to effectively organize and economize visual information
Understand + apply the principle of Balance to create visual order
Understand + apply the principle of Rhythm to establish and reinforce comprehension
Understand + apply the principle of Harmony to shape disparate UI elements into a unified, consistent experience
Understand + apply the principle of Dominance to direct user focus and enhance UX
Understand + apply the principle of Alignment to lead the user’s eye and speed task completion
Understand + apply the principle of Proximity to signal relationships between screen elements and decrease users’ cognitive effort
Communicate with color, typography and imagery in the UI
Understand how color communicates and influences interaction
Know how to choose the right colors for any UI design
Know how to apply contrast properly to guide users and call attention to critical UI elements and interactions
Know how to determine whether or not color and contrast are appropriate
Understand the fundamentals of typography as a design element
Know how to choose the right fonts and design appropriately with them
Understand + apply 7 crucial rules for great typographic design
Understand + apply 5 rules for choosing the right imagery
Understand + apply a core set of DOs and DON’Ts when designing with images
Know how to create and simplify visual cues that direct user focus and interaction
Understand the 3 kinds of data visualizations used in UI design
Understand how the context of the data presented determines its visual form
Understand + apply 6 rules for great data design
Know how to simplify visual information to clarify meaning and improve UX
Know how to visually separate content from controls to make interactions easier for users to understand and act on
Walk away with a set of “18 UI Design Mantras” that you can apply to anything and everything you ever design!

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