Data Analysis and Dashboards with Google Data Studio

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Learn how to create powerful data analysis and dashboards with Google Data Studio for your Google Sheets

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What you’ll learn
  • Learn from an Instructor with over 10 years teaching Data Analysis and Dashboard Design
  • Create Powerful Interactive Dashboards from Google Sheets Data in Minutes
  • Analyze Google Sheets in minutes using powerful visualizations
  • Create Year to Date, Month to Date, Week to Date Calculations with the click of the mouse
  • Learn to share and collaborate using Reports and Dashboards of data
  • Create powerful scorecards displaying Key Metrics and KPIs
  • Create Time Series graphs that easily display Month to Date, Previous Month and many more
  • Display comparisons to Previous Periods
  • Create filters to easily create interactive dashboards, graphs and reports
  • Learn powerful visualizations such as Column, Bar, Pie, Scatterplot

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