Build A Career In Forex Trading- Learn Fundamental Analysis

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Become a Professional Fundamental Analyst - Learn What Most Forex Traders Won't Learn and Earn When Most Traders Can't

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What you’ll learn
  • Learn to make money trading the news like an institutional trader
  • Learn to make money trading the Nonfarm Payrolls announcement
  • Learn how to predict the GDP results using correlation
  • Learn how to predict the CPI results, the Durable Goods results
  • Get a broad understanding of interest rates, inflation and central banks and how they affect the market
  • Learn how to use the Retail Sales, PPI, PMI and other fundamental announcements to improve your trading
  • Understand what is sentiment, risk aversion, risk appetite and how these can impact your trading
  • Learn the five major us Fundamentals
  • Get a deep understanding of economic indicators and how professional traders use them to make money
  • Learn how to make money trading oil
  • Get a broad understanding of how oil prices affect the Forex Market
  • Learn the reasons why oil prices have fallen and the factors that affect oil prices
  • Learn what is OPEC and how you can make money from their meetings

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